Millennials Aren’t Having Midlife Crises, And This Is Why!

Most of their adulthood has been a mess!

Millennials are slowly heading towards middle age, as the first of this generation was born in 1981.

The oldest of the generation is now around 42 years old (oh-so-kindly referred to as geriatric millennials), which also happens to be the prime time for a midlife crisis.

While there’s some debate over whether a midlife crisis is a thing, it’s generally defined as when you start to experience feelings of age-related anxiety and depression and start to reflect on your life so far.

But if you look among your peers, you’ll notice that no one has blown all of their savings on a little red sports car, and marriages aren’t being ruined by workplace affairs.

So what’s going on?

Well, according to a recent opinion piece in the New York Times, the mid-life millennial crisis doesn’t exist. 

The reason is due to multiple financial crashes, political polarization, and the global pandemic, their whole adult life has been one big crisis.

It seems that millennials are already in a constant state of crisis – midlife or not.

Rather than longing for adventure and release, [millennials] craved a sense of safety and calmness, which they felt they had never known.’

It appears that the opposite will occur…When millennials do finally achieve all the trappings that come with middle age (a mortgage, partner and kids) ‘they’re in a brand-new life stage that hasn’t yet had time to grow stale.

For now, millennials are out there just surviving…