Millennials to Become Richest Generation in History in Next 20 Years 

Don't blow it all at once!

This new wealth won’t magically appear in our bank accounts. This money isn’t coming from us earning it either. It’s thanks to asses being passed down to us from our elders.

An annual wealth report found that those born between 1981 and 2000 will receive a “seismic” transfer of wealth in the coming years… As the baby boomers will be handing over their assets in the next 20 years…

The report also found that millennials will invest this new wealth differently than their elders.  Many will put money towards environmental efforts…Unlike their parents or grandparents, younger generations won’t see purchasing residential property as a roadmap to wealth creation.

The report notes that affluent Gen Zs are the most confident in their ability to create wealth, according to results from a survey conducted by the firm.

The survey results found that 75% of Gen Z respondents expected their wealth to increase in the next year.