Miller Lite launches intoxicating scented candle that smells like a dive bar

If you can’t visit a bar due to COVID restrictions, Miller Lite wants to help you get lit with a reminder of happy hours past.

The beer brand has launched a line of scented “Bar Smells” candles that will bring the aromas of your favourite watering hole right to you without having to dodge crowds or social distance.


The collection features three scents: Dive Bar, Game Day Bar, and Beer Garden.  Each candle brings its own array of distinct curated scents.

Dive Bar has fragrances of musk, tobacco, pine, and yeast. Game Day features notes of salted peanut, jalapeno, and cracked Leather. Beer Garden includes whiffs of green moss, warm pretzel, cracked wood, and sunburn.


“Bar Smells is a limited-edition sensorial experience that enables the divine power of scent to guide the sniffer on a journey back to their favorite local watering hole,” reads a description on Miller Lite’s website. “Every sip, cap twist, spill, and sing-a-long banger will come rushing back with one sniff of our Bar Smells.”


The candles are available for $20 each and proceeds go toward supporting the hospitality industry.