Millions of Coffee Lovers Won’t Allow Anyone Else To Make Them A Brew, In case They Mess It Up!

Our coffee is very important to us!

A study of 2,000 adults found just under half would rather go thirsty and be tired than letting someone else make their coffee in fear that the person making it may screw it up.  (However, you should be grateful if someone actually offers)



The study found that over a quarter are concerned others would make their drink too watery, another quarter worry it will be too strong and 14 percent are fussy about the size of the mug. (Size does matter)


And for those of us who love our coffee, we are very concerned about sugar quantity, how hot or cold the drink is, and 13 percent are particular about whether instant is used over beans.



The study also found 23 percent of adults say their coffee has to be absolutely perfect to drink it, while 14 percent consider themselves something of a coffee-making expert.





1.            Making it too watery

2.            Making it too strong

3.            Putting too much milk in

4.            Adding sugar/ not adding sugar based on my preference

5.            Making it too cold

6.            Using a cup or mug which is too small

7.            Making it far too hot

8.            Using the wrong milk e.g. oat milk in instant coffee

9.            Not mixing it together enough

10.          Only using instant coffee