Millions of People Swear By Their Morning Rituals

My morning routine is COFFEE!

Millions of people swear their morning rituals get their day off to a good start, including meditation, exercise and writing down goals.

A poll of 2,000 adults found brushing their teeth, having a shower, cooking breakfast and making the bed are some of the things they would be least likely to skip as part of their morning routine.

However, 32 percent hate oversleeping, as if they don’t get around to all their morning rituals, respondents can end up feeling rushed, frustrated and annoyed.

Though 43 percent said having a routine helps the rest of their day go well, 38 percent claim it helps them focus.

It also emerged 22 percent of those polled admit to waking up no later than 6 am so they can get all their morning rituals done before starting work, which takes 53 minutes on average.

And 34 percent believe they can accomplish more in the day if their morning routine is done right.

More than half also try and stick to their morning routine even if they’re away from home like staying in a hotel or friend’s house.

Of those who took part in the survey, via OnePoll, half said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while 56 percent believe it helps them start the day the right way.

It also emerged 36 percent believe their morning routine has changed over the last two years

More than a third have introduced more self-care into their morning routine and 35 percent try to prioritize ‘me time’ in the mornings.

Mindful activities like indulging in a skincare routine, sitting down to meditate and saying positive affirmations in the mirror also made the list.

The Daily Rituals That Form Our Morning Routines

  1. Brushing their teeth
  2. Sitting down for a coffee/tea
  3. Having a shower
  4. Making the bed
  5. Drinking water
  6. Reading the news
  7. Choosing what to wear
  8. Taking vitamins
  9. Exercising
  10. Clearing away washing up
  11. Listening to the radio
  12. Skincare
  13. Cooking breakfast
  14. Hair care
  15. Opening the windows for fresh air
  16. Putting on makeup
  17. Wake up without snoozing the alarm
  18. Scrolling social media
  19. Meditating
  20. Stretching
  21. Getting the kids ready for school
  22. Taking the rubbish out
  23. Putting a clothes wash on
  24. Walking the dog
  25. Making their lunch for work
  26. Writing their to-do list for the day
  27. Saying positive affirmations to themselves in the mirror
  28. Arranging their work desk
  29. Writing down their goals
  30. Going for a run