Moms Are Getting Back-To-School Botox

They don’t want to look ‘worn out in the pick-up line’

Moms say they just feel better with Botox!

One doctor says he has seen a jaw-dropping number of patients who had requested Botox and face fillers as the new school year approached. 

@teawithmd #botox for beginners: ask for less units for a more natural look. Remember: you don’t want the frozen look! #dermbypark #cosmetic #cosmeticderm #neuromodulator ♬ original sound – Dr. Joyce Dermatologist

Just like the kids who get excited to show off their new kicks on the first day of school, moms are excited to pick up their kids with a face full of filler!

“The first couple of weeks of school, especially in September, there’s a lot of school parents activity, a lot of [getting] to know the parents that are in your kids’ classes, the first PTA meetings start to happen.”

If you’re not showing up at 3:30 pm in track pants, a stain on your shirt, last night’s makeup and a messy bun, are you a mom????

You do you!