How A Meme Brought Morbius Back Into Theaters

Sony Picture's latest Spider-Man cinematic universe "Morbius" continues to fall.

“Morbius” with Jared Leto has been arguably the biggest Hollywood FLOP of the year!

For many reasons, the film has failed both commercially and critically, as it’s sitting at at 17% on RottenTomatoes.

Somehow, this movie has gotten legs online, all due to a series of memes shared on Twitter. The joke came from Twitter user Rata (@RANK10YGO) in April:

The meme proceeded to blow up all over Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit. One Twitter user even took it upon themselves to create a moment in the film with the fake line added in:

This led to tons of joke takes about the movie’s potential sequel being made, with fans even making fake casting decisions:

With all the online discussion around the film, Sony believed that it was about time to bring the movie back to theatres:

“Morbius” wasn’t even the most successful film prior to the memes bringing it back to theatres, the original release earned $163 million worldwide, including just $74 million domestic, on a $75 million budget.

Unfortunately for Sony Pictures, the “re-release” of “Morbius” off the hype of memes proved to be a failing effort:

Clearly, Sony Pictures didn’t understand all the hype regarding the film and memes, was a joke.

No one actually went to theatres to see the film.

The saga of “Morbius” and “It’s Morbin’ Time” can be summarized by this TikTok:

Let “Morbius” be a lesson to both brands and entertainment across the board! Sometimes memes aren’t the best thing to bank your product’s success on!