A Baby Nurse Explains Why More People You Know Are Having Boys…

It may not be your genes!

In the last year or two, have you noticed more boys are being born? If you have, it’s not just you. A baby nurse said she’s noticed a big uptick in women pregnant with boys last year.


Nurse Kara revealed in a video that there is a scientific phenomenon that could explain the boom in boys.  She said it might be the result of something called the “returning soldier effect.”


Kara explained that the effect is a theory that the number of boys being born increases after wars and times of stress, like a global pandemic.


“The idea is that men who are taller, stronger, more likely to survive, more likely to make it home and procreate, and for some reason more likely to produce male offspring.”



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Between 2018 and 2020 the US saw more boys births compared to girls. 


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According to Psychology Today, the returning soldier effect was first noticed in 1954 following World War II and the Korean War, but there’s evidence it occurred in the UK after World War I as well.