More Than 40% of People Feel Lucky In Life!

How lucky are you?

Can you spot the lucky charm (four-leaf clover) among the rest of the foliage?

(if you can’t find it, scroll to the bottom of the article)


New research has found that despite never having a lucky charm, about 43% of people still feel pretty lucky in life!


A poll of 2,000 adults revealed the top 20 signs you are fortunate – including having good health, never having any major worries in life and being close with friends and family.


Signs you are on a lucky streak also include finding cash on the floor, stumbling into your dream job and always getting free stuff for no reason.


The study also found 45 percent of adults believe in luck – whether it is good or bad. And 38 percent have a lucky charm, with 69 percent of those believing it has brought them luck. While 61 percent feel they would have worse luck if they didn’t have their lucky charm.


Having a lucky number, finding a four-leaf clover and keeping a lucky penny were the top ways to encourage good luck. Keeping a horseshoe, avoiding cracks in the pavement and blowing on dice or coins before rolling or flipping also made the list.



But 90 percent think some people are simply luckier than others, with 52 percent believing people’s luck does eventually run out. When it comes to bad luck, breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder and opening an umbrella indoors were deemed the worst things to do.



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Top signs of being fortunate in life


1.            Having good health

2.            Never having any major worries in life

3.            Being close with friends and family

4.            Finding cash on the floor

5.            Winning online competitions

6.            Receiving a substantial inheritance

7.            Stumbling into your dream job without much thought

8.            Picking a winner at the races

9.            Being upgraded on a flight

10.          Always getting free stuff for no reason