Things That People Consider To Be Lucky Charms!

Do you have a lucky charm?

A new study found that 42 percent of people have an item that they believe brings them good luck.



Belongings include key rings, and pictures of a loved one, along with socks, shoes, and even chairs.



The research also found 49 percent of those polled are superstitious, and three-quarters actively do and don’t do certain things for fear of being burdened with bad luck.



More than a third have avoided walking under ladders, a quarter has opted not to open umbrellas indoors, and 20 percent have avoided putting their shoes on tables.





1.           Ring

2.           Bracelet

3.           Necklace

4.           A coin

5.           Keyring

6.           Picture of a loved one

7.           T-shirt

8.           Watch

9.           Glass/cup/mug

10.         Socks