More Than Three Quarters Of Adults Regularly Claim To Be ‘Fine’ When You’re Not!

A study of 2,000 people found they proclaim they’re ‘fine’ four times a day - 28 times over a week.

More than a third of the time a person says ‘I’m Fine’ when they’re not!


More than two-thirds of people regularly say I’m fine on autopilot before even thinking about how they are. The research found that we say that “we’re fine” when we’re not because it’s easier than explaining why not.


And more than a third don’t think people want to know how they are. About a quarter of people don’t give an honest answer for fear of being seen as ‘draining’ or negative.


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It also emerged the average adult asks others how they are at least four times per day, but over half want to know how the other person is.


If faced with someone opening up when they asked them ‘how are you?’, many admit they’d struggle and wouldn’t know what to say to help them feel better, would feel awkward or out of their depth.


Almost half believe it’s typical for people to say that they’re ‘great’ or ‘fine’ even if they’re not, and 30 percent sometimes don’t give an honest response because it’s not ‘polite’.


It was also revealed that ‘How are you?’ is the most common way to ask others how they are. If you’re looking to have someone open up, the better question to ask is “are you ok?” and “everything ok?”


Money worries, feeling lonely and fearing they’re not good enough are among the top things that get the nation’s moods down.