Most Cat Owners Know Very Little About Their Feline Friends…

Cats hate you!

Even though nearly all cat owners (92%) believe they’re knowledgeable about cats, as part of a recent poll of 2,000 cat owners, most don’t know basic facts about their feline — or its health needs.

Cat parents, on average, gave themselves a four out of five rating for how well they take care of their cats and reported they believe their cats would also give them a four out of five for being superb owners.

Yet, within the survey, cat parents confessed that, on average, they forget to fill up their cat’s water twice per week and even forget to feed their cats three times per week.


The study found that only 17% of respondents knew that cats have 18 toes…

Almost half (46%) didn’t know that many cats are lactose intolerant — debunking the popular image of a cat enjoying a bowl of milk.

The majority (56%) were unaware that cats purr due to both pleasure and distress.

Only a fifth (20%) knew that cats share 96% of their DNA with tigers.

More than four in ten (47%) didn’t know that cats tend to drink more water if it’s running and not still or stagnant.

Three in four (75%) didn’t know that cats should drink roughly one ounce of water for every pound they weigh, per day.