Most Dog Owners Believe That Their Pets Have A Better Social Life Than They Do…

It's sad but true...

Six in 10 dog parents believe that their furry friends have social lives that are just as lively, if not more so, than their own, according to a new survey.

The new poll of 2,000 dog owners also found that 34% believe that their dog has an easier time making friends than they do.

Most dogs seem to form bonds that mirror our own as 62% of those polled said their dog has both friends and “frenemies.”

Moreover, 52% believe their dog has a best friend, and almost half (49%) say their dog has a boyfriend or girlfriend in their social circles, according to the results.

On average, dog owners have made friends with at least three people solely because their dogs met each other.

For some dog owners, going to dog parks has become a routine. On average, they take their pets to the park about four times a week.


  • While staying with a friend/relative of mine – 61%
  • While out on a walk – 58%
  • At doggy daycare/a boarding place – 48%
  • At a dog park – 43%
  • At the dog/pet store – 36%


  • Frenemies (in some ways a friend but also in some ways an enemy or rival) – 62%
  • Best friends – 52%
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend – 49%
  • Friends – 43%
  • Enemies – 40%
  • Favorite playmate – 33%