Most of Us admit That We Like To Gossip, At Least A Little Bit!

I love to hear good gossip!

Do you enjoy hearing some hot gossip now and then, even just a little?  55% of people admit they do, according to a new survey.  That includes 1 in 20 who LOVE to gossip.

Some of us play an active role, and others are passive gossipers.  Everyone’s heard gossip before, but 31% of people claim they’ve never SPREAD it.  51% say they have, and 19% aren’t sure.

Here Is A Few More Quick Stats About Gossiping!

1.  Women gossip more than men, but it’s closer than you might think.  55% of women admit they’ve spread gossip before, compared to 46% of men.

2.  The top words people used to describe gossiping were “harmful,” “mean-spirited,” “addictive,” and “sinful.”  Only 14% said they’d describe it as “fun.”

3.  Most people who gossip a lot think the info they pass along is true.  But 19% admit they’ve spread false information on purpose before.

4.  69% of us have heard gossip about ourselves that wasn’t true.  43% said they’ve also heard a rumour about themselves that was true.