Most People Are Proud To Be Called Bargain Hunters

You have to be these days!

When it comes to finding a good deal, over half of the people said they’re proud to be labelled a bargain-hunter.

In a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, more than half said they consider being called “cheap” a compliment at times.

The poll found the average respondent would travel an hour to a store if they knew an item they wanted was a good deal.

The survey wanted to determine just how far people would go to get a good deal.

For it to be considered a “good deal,” a quarter of respondents said they would need at least 50% off, but most respondents are just as happy with a deal under that amount.

Twenty-five percent of respondents even admitted they’re less likely to purchase an item if it’s full price, with three in four saying they wait up to a month for an item to go on sale before purchasing it at full price.

And seven in 10 are confident that they can find a deal on any item.

Results also showed that nearly two in three people said it’s important for them to find a good deal when shopping. A fifth of respondents said that the discount store is one of their favourite places to score a deal.

Surprisingly, more people value finding a good deal on low-ticket items than high-ticket ones. Perhaps this is because finding deals on high-ticket items takes an average of 23 minutes more than finding one for low-ticket items.

67% of respondents agree that they find themselves searching for deals more often now than ever before due to the current U.S. inflation rate.  

Two-thirds of Americans agree that getting a good deal makes them feel better about spending money (67%).

Best Stores To Get Discounts

  1. Grocery store – 26%
  2. Electronics store – 25%
  3. Clothing store – 24%
  4. Department store – 21%
  5. Discount store – 20%