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Mealtime makes it hard for parents to keep it together!

Mealtime is stressful!

There’s new research that suggests that parents don’t always have it together! And usually, mealtime is to blame!

Families are most likely to eat dinner together on a Wednesday, which is also the same day parents feel the least in control of their home life!

A new survey asked parents to describe the numerous challenges they face in managing their household.

The survey found that parents seem most likely to be “on top of everything” on a Monday! But by Thursday, parents are struggling to stay afloat.

The study also found that January, February and March are the most challenging months for their families in a given year!

Parents admit that they schedule their lives around their kid’s schedules rather than their own.

Meal time appears to be the biggest struggle for parents.  Whether it’s planning a meal or just trying to sit down together, it’s no wonder parents admit to having a lack of energy to get up and plan proper meals.


  1. Pasta – 33%
  2. Bread – 30%
  3. Potatoes – 30%
  4. Rice – 30%
  5. Frozen meals – 29%
  6. Cooking oil – 29%
  7. Spices – 28%
  8. Peanut Butter – 26%
  9. Beans – 26%
  10. 10. Canned soups – 25%