Most Women Don’t Want To See A Nude Male Centrefold!

Many men feel the same way!

A study reveals that most women aren’t into male centrefolds, with 40 percent saying ‘no’ to magazines intended for female audiences.

About a third of women believe it’s unacceptable for men to go full-frontal nude in mainstream magazines and media.

And 25 percent would be put off buying their favourite magazine if it featured naked pictorials of well-oiled men.

Almost half of the men think women’s magazines should bring back naked male centrefolds, while nine percent of all adults claim they would like to see politicians posing as nude male centrefolds.

Equality In The Media

When it comes to equality, the study found that 55 percent of adults think there’s more female nudity than male nudity in mainstream media.

About 40% say it’s unacceptable to show nude females in media.

And if males were to be nude in magazines, only 22% feel that men should NOT be “happy” if posing nude.

It also emerged that 37 percent feel women are shamed if they pose for magazines nude or topless, but only 20 percent feel this happens to men.

And while 23 percent believe female naked centrefolds are empowering, only 17 percent think the same of male naked centrefolds.