Move Over Bed Rotting, It’s Time To Do What The British Call ‘Hurkle and Durkle’

Bed rotting has a silly Scottish cousin

Believe it or not, you probably already love to “hurkle-durkle” 

We’ve all been there: the alarm is going off and you know it’s time to start the day — but you, cradled in cozy bedding, choose to linger.

According to the Dictionaries of the Scots Language, to hurkle-durkle is “to lie in bed or lounge about when one should be up and about.”

The difference between these two recently viral sleep trends is that bed rotting implies an indefinite state of sloth at any time of day, while hurkle-durkling is exclusive to the morning hours.


Previous studies have shown that embracing lazy mornings really could be a boon to well-being.

A December 2023 study published in the journal Sleep Health suggests that sleeping in on the weekends could actually save your life in the long run.

Researchers found that an extra two hours of sleep on the weekend can reduce the chances of a heart attack or stroke by 63% — especially for people who get less than six hours of sleep during the week.

The sleep-deprived who allowed themselves to hit snooze on their days off were two-thirds less likely to experience life-threatening medical emergencies.

Additionally, research from October 2023 found that getting a few more minutes of sleep after snoozing your alarm could actually help avid snoozers wake up.