What Is “Pink Sauce” On TikTok and Why You Should Avoid It!

Pink sauce has gone VIRAL on TikTok, and it's led to TONS of questions as well as concerns. Who? What? Why PINK!?

Pink sauce is going VIRAL on TikTok and other social media platforms, leading to a simple question:

“What in the DAMN hell is PINK SAUCE?”

It all begun on June 11th, when Chef Pii, a Miami chef-influencer posted a video of dipping a tender into a pink sauce! This video got 755 THOUSAND views and again, led to more questions.

Who, what, why the pink condiment?

Her videos since this have gotten MILLIONS of views asking how to make or order it! She claims the sauce is made of contains sunflower seed oil, honey, chili, garlic and dragon fruit (what makes it pink) allegedly.


Its the Aquarius Virgo Creative Extra Energy 🤪😂😂👑👑 #beyonce

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Chef Pii begun taking orders on the condiment after going VIRAL. A bottle costs 20 USD, not including shipping.

After discovering the sauce, a discussion begun on Twitter Wednesday. Many decided to criticize the IDEA of ordering a mystery sauce, from a mystery chef, not knowing if it’ll be safe:

Others simply joked, because it just didn’t make sense:

Some described it as ranch with thousand island dressing, with ketchup. Others say it’s disgusting.

Many concerns were raised once “fans” of the condiment began receiving their orders. The labels had incorrect spelling, missed some ingredients, and critics explained the health risks:


After such HUGE backlash, Chef Pii posted a video saying they’re listening and hoping to learn from their mistakes with the initial launch:


Obviously, production on the sauce was paused temporarily, but orders have begun again as of today.

Chef Pii has vehemently defended their product, and will continue to do so.

So, what’s the lesson? Probably don’t order a random condiment from the internet unless it’s got food safe approval!