Need Vaccines By The Holidays? Here Are Your Deadlines!

Time is ticking to get your shots before the holidays!

Want to be fully vaccinated by the holidays? You’re running out of time.


And just so you’ll know, while the COVID-19 vaccines have different dosage timelines, regardless of which you choose, you’re not considered fully vaccinated until 14 days beyond their final dose.


The Moderna vaccine requires two doses given 28 days apart. The Pfizer vaccine also requires two doses given 21 days apart.


So if you want to be fully vaccinated by Thanksgiving (Nov. 25) here’s your timeline:

  • Oct. 14: Moderna
  • Oct. 21: Pfizer

To be fully vaccinated by Hanukkah (starts Nov. 28):

  • Oct. 17: Moderna
  • Oct. 24: Pfizer

And to be fully vaccinated by Christmas (Dec. 25):

  • Nov. 13: Moderna
  • Nov. 20: Pfizer