Neighbourly Annoyances!

Get off my lawn!

If you’re lucky, you will live on a street with great neighbours! But the reality is, that most people have that one neighbour they wish would move away!

The average adult hasn’t spoken to their neighbour for three weeks – but millions enjoy ‘passive-aggressive’ posts on community social media pages.

When wanting to communicate about annoyances such as dogs barking loudly, inappropriate parking and garbage, 18 percent find it easier or prefer to voice their thoughts online, rather than approach a neighbour to discuss in person.


1. Inappropriate parking
2. Loud music
3. Dogs barking loudly
4. Shouting
5. Noisy children
6. Noise from a house party
7. Doors being slammed
8. Loud TV
9. Messy exterior appearance e.g. not tidying up, leaving paint chipped etc
10. Animal feces left outside
11. Smoking
12. Having a fire/bbq
13. Leaving the bins out/not putting the away
14. Having to take their parcels in repeatedly
15. Swearing loudly
16. Littering
17. Not giving you a heads-up about construction work
18. Having a bold colour front door
19. Not holding a door open for you
20. Not holding a lift for you