Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Begins Today!

More than 100 million households share accounts, but it all stops today!

Revenue loss means they can’t invest in original film and TV!

If you share an account and aren’t the primary holder of that account, you will be locked out as of today!

Under the new rules, users must add a “primary location” to their account. This allows Netflix to recognize anyone who accesses the “account” outside the home base.


Premium and standard account holders can “buy an extra member slot” for $7.99 monthly. For that price, premium high-definition 4K subscribers – who already pay $20.99 per month – can add up to two members who don’t live in their household.

Standard subscribers, who pay $16.49 per month, can add one additional member for the same additional monthly fee.

Basic plans, which cost $9.99, and ad-supported plans, which cost $5.99, will not be able to add more members.

If you have a second residence, like a cottage, you will be required to update your primary location to avoid being locked out of Netflix, according to the company’s help page.

A recent poll about the new crackdown found that six in 10 respondents said they would cancel their subscription.