New ‘Coffee Badging’ Is The New ‘Quiet Quitting’

As more companies call employees back into the office, some workers are expressing their clear distaste

Many employers and companies continue to mandate a return to the office for their workers — and some employees are responding with a particular form of pushback. 

First, there was the trend of “quiet quitting,” in which workers did the bare minimum on the job to get by — and now, say workplace leaders and experts, there’s “coffee badging,” another form of employee protest.

“Coffee badging is when employees show up to the office for enough time to have a cup of coffee, show their face and get a ‘badge swipe’ — then go home to do the rest of their work.”

A recent poll about hybrid work reports that only about 1 in 5 workers or 22% want to return to work in the office full-time.

41% want the hybrid option still or work from home full-time!  More than half (58%) of hybrid workers are “coffee badging,” a study found. 

How are workers getting away with ‘coffee badging’?

People at all levels of companies and organizations are busy with their jobs, so they don’t have time to keep tabs on everyone else’s whereabouts…

It’s not just employees, about two-thirds of managers (64%) have ‘coffee badged’ themselves, with another 6% who want to try it. Less than a third of managers (30%) want to go to the office for the full day.

If this is true, look for coffee sales to go up in 2024!