New ‘Dad Bod’ T-Shirts Are Here!

This would be a great stocking-stuffer!

Hey guys, if your six-packs sit on a fridge shelf and not on your stomach, there’s a new clothing brand just for you.



“Dad Bod,” is now a socially acceptable term for any man — parent or not — who has a rounded gut mixed with some muscle tone.



Many brands are making shirts that are tight on the torso and upper arms but looser around the midsection.



The online retailer True Classic, has come up with a catchy campaign that has flooded men’s social media feed, driving up sales. The slogan reads:


“It’s tight on the chest and shoulders and then loose on the front for people with dad bods . . . you’re a DILF.”



You can get a three-pack of “dad-Bod” shirts for $54.99.  There is a hoodie also for $46.99!




Photo Credit: New York Post