New Documentary From Gwyneth Paltrow Out Today! Oh My!

Find Your Love Language!

There’s something new to watch this weekend on Netflix from Goop queen Gwyneth Paltrow!  It’s called “Sex, Love & Goop,” and is about real-life couples who are trying to fix their physical connections with their partners.

The lovers are paired with intimacy and sexuality coaches who help them get in touch with their bodies and express their deepest desires in the bedroom.



We get to watch other people air their dirty laundry and lingerie all in the name of a really good mind-blowing romp!  


Sexologists on the show teach us that there are a few categories to describe how we are as lovers, including the sensual (someone who likes all of their senses, from sight to smell, to touch.  And then there’s also the energetic — a person who is seduced by teasing, rather than direct touch, and the sensation of yearning that follows.

Sex Love and Goop
Credit: Netflix


The show’s sexperts promote body positivity and open communication while helping couples bring their sexy back!