New Limited-Edition Swimsuit For Guys Allows Dude To Literally Put Junk In Their Trunk!

Perhaps not sexy, but totally practical!

There’s a new swimsuit on the market for guys, dubbed the world-first JUNX-brand swimmers!  They are said to be lightweight trunks that provide a one-stop storage solution for sun cream, keys, phones, books, wallets – and even cocktails.



The trunks are head-turners for sure and feature bright neon colours and 1980s vibes, aimed at Gen Z – as men deem 18-30s to be the most appropriate age to wear Speedo-style swimwear.



They have been created after research found four in 10 men prioritize functionality when selecting their swimwear.



Almost a quarter of the 2,000 men polled (24 percent) have either lost or had belongings stolen during their pool or beach trips, and 56 percent wish there was a more practical way to carry items while in swimwear.



Fun Fact: ‘budgie smugglers’ has gained popularity among men after the Olympic Swim team sported their uniform.