Billie Eilish And FINNEAS Are Writing Music For The New Pixar Film ‘Turning Red’

Penning three original songs for the animation studio’s upcoming film 'Turning Red’

According to reports, together Billie and Finneas have joined forces with Disney and Pixar, penning three original songs for a fictional boy band in the animation studio’s upcoming film ‘Turing Red.’



The movie stars newcomer Rosalie Chiang as Mei, Sandra Oh as her mother Ming, and Orion Lee her dad, Jin.

The coming-of-age film, set in the early 2000s, will centre around 13-year-old Meilin “Mei” Lee, who has the unfortunate quirk of turning into a red panda whenever she feels a strong emotion. Which if you we’re a teen in the early 00s already know, that possibly the strongest feelings you could have at the stage in your life were directly reserved for your favourite boy band (which for us was 100% *NSYNC).



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Arriving March 11, 2022, check out the brand-new trailer for “Turning Red” below, which also features a track from one of our favourite boy bands.