New Poll Finds That These Are The Things We Just Don’t Get Enough Of

If we could, we'd sleep for a week!

A study of 2,000 adults found more than a quarter feel they never get enough exercise, and one in five would like more laughter in their lives.



Cuddles, me-time and nights out are also featured in the list of things people want more of in their lives, along with fun and good luck.



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The number one thing people can agree that they don’t get enough of is sunshine!



1.            Sunshine

2.            Holidays

3.            Sleep

4.            Exercise

5.            Money

6.            Going out with friends

7.            Cuddles

8.            Fun

9.            Fresh air

10.          Laughter

11.          Happiness

12.          Me-time

13.          Relaxation

14.          Hours in the day

15.          Lie-ins

16.          Good luck

17.          Fruit/vegetables

18.          Nights out

19.          Confidence

20.          Love

21.          Family time

22.          Time off

23.          Screen-free time

24.          Freedom

25.          Vitamin C

26.          Water

27.          A bigger home

28.          Mindfulness

29.          Culture

30.          Praise