New Smart Tupperware Promises To Simplify Your Leftovers.

Dale & Charlie have a better idea!

Whatever happened to the good old fashion sniff test to check if that leftover meatloaf is still good?   Tupperware has been around for more than 60 years helping us to keep our leftovers fresh, longer.

For 60 plus years- we humans have put our uneaten food into those sometimes colourful airtight sealed containers for another day….

But apparently, people have forgotten how to use leftovers and can’t remember when they cooked the food that is now in your Rubbermaid…

In short, there’s a new company that will help you remember when to eat your leftovers.  Smarter Wear is Tupperware that allows you to hook it up to your device so a robot can tell you what do it with it…

Here’s the Kickstarter campaign! 

Dale & Charlie feel the need for a Liquor Cabinet Smart device for all those random bottles!

Liquorware spot