New Streaming Service, Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming!

Helping you fall asleep in front of the TV!

For what it’s worth, Netflix and Chill can usually do the job for most guys!  I think it’s safe to say, that we’ve all had trouble sleeping lately!



From getting better sleep to maintaining a good outlook on life, taking time to de-stress is imperative to your health. But if you need a little help taking a breather, Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming, is a revolutionary streaming service, that gives you the tools to help you turn off and chill out.  For a limited time, a lifetime subscription is on sale for just $149.99 (reg. $599).



Restflix is fast becoming one of the greatest ways to ease stress in the day-to-day. Compatible with Apple TV, iOS, Roku, Android, and Fire TV, Restflix users can access any of the available channels (there are over 10 of them) that provide soothing sounds, sleep meditations, and even bedtime stories, great for adults and kids alike. And unlike other online resources out there, Restflix never lets ads interrupt its content, so you can sit back and fully relax.


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Restflix is updated with new content weekly, so you’ll never run out of videos, audio, and more. It’s no wonder the app has been named the “Best Sleep App to Drift off to” by Livestrong and earned an impressive 4.5 out of 5 rating in the App Store. Users can’t get enough of Restflix’s relaxing content, whether they’re suffering from insomnia, general nighttime anxiety, or tinnitus.