New Study Finds People Who Are Willing To Try New Foods Are More Sexually Desirable!

I'll have the oysters!

Rejecting unusual foods at the dinner table may be seen as a turn-off!



If you’re hoping for a little “dessert” after a dinner date, be selective when choosing from the restaurant menu.



Researchers in Pennsylvania have found that people who are open to trying new foods are perceived as more sexually desirable and less sexually restricted.

Meanwhile, a reluctance to try new foods – known as ‘food neophobia’ – and sticking to the safe option on the menu is perceived as something of a turn-off.



The study found that a willingness to engage in trying something new at the dining table could be a “cue” for a willingness to have an intimate experience with someone new as well.



On the first date with my husband, he ordered nachos, I ordered nothing…



Basically, if you’re willing to try new and interesting foods, you may be willing to do more in the bedroom!