New Study Finds That Any Amount of Exercise Could Help Increase Pain Tolerance!

Any activity will help!

To the long list of the benefits of physical activity, researchers have just added one more thing: a greater ability to handle pain.

A new study has found that regular exercise is an effective way to reduce or prevent pain without medication.

“The main takeaway is that engaging in habitual physical activity in your leisure time seems to be connected with your pain tolerance — the more active you are, the higher your tolerance is likely to be,” reports the author of this study.

While additional research is needed, The researcher said the findings from the recent Norwegian study established that every additional bit of activity could help improve pain tolerance, which has been suggested to protect against chronic pain.

During 2021, nearly 21% of U.S. adults (51.6 million people) experienced chronic pain, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Beyond higher pain tolerance, regular physical activity has many other benefits. 

Those include weight management, improved heart health, lower risk of cancer, stronger bones and muscles, greater longevity and increased ability to perform daily functions, per the CDC.