This is the Minimum Amount of Exercise You Need Per Day To Reduce Early Death Risk…

Most moms achieve this before 9am, LOL!

A new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that just 11 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity every day can lower the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and premature death.

Aerobic activities include exercises such as brisk walking, running, playing tennis, cycling, dancing and hiking, and intensity levels can be measured by heart rate and how hard you’re breathing.

Moderate intensity can be signalled by being able to talk but not sing, while vigorous intensity would make it so you can’t carry a conversation.

Health experts say that doing just some physical activity every day is better than doing none — even if it’s not the total recommended amount of exercise.

Researchers say that if you do the minimum physical activity per day or less than 150 minutes per week, it will lower your risk of dying from any cause by 31%…

Things you can do in 11 minutes

  • Clean a bathroom
  • vacuum
  • clean out all the stuff in your car that doesn’t belong there
  • match socks
  • wash the dishes
  • gather all the trash from all the different rooms

For that little bit of exercise, try these things!

You can chase your dog around the backyard while dodging the poop you haven’t picked up…(cause that’s his job)

You can jog up and down the stairs a few times- just try not to step on anything that’s been left on them…

You can pick up all the dirty clothes left randomly around the house…

You can move your kid’s hockey bag from one spot to another a few times (it’s heavy and smelly)

You can purge some of the kid’s stuff, put it in a box and move it to the basement!

Mop your floors, twice!

You can grout scrub your shower! 

You and flip mattresses! 

Rearrange your living room!