New Study Finds That Couples Who Worried About Catching Covid-19 May Have Better Sex Lives

It made couples appreciate each other more in some cases!

Without a doubt, this pandemic has done a number on people’s relationships. For some, love blossomed, for others it was splitsville. 



However, a new study has found that the fear around Covid-19 may have benefited some couples, in terms of their sex life.



The research found that lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic were associated with having positive sexual desire – but only for participants with high (vs. low) fear of Covid-19 infection.



These findings tie in with the idea that stress-provoking situations can sometimes make people face their own mortality and heighten sexual desire.


This contradicts other studies that found that the pandemic had a negative effect on people’s sex life.



So, while some people witnessed the stress of the lockdown, relentless bad news cycles, and health anxiety kill their sex drive, others found the intensity and fear surrounding the pandemic a turn-on.