New Study Finds That Gen Z Want Less Sex and More Platonic Relationships In Their Movies Now…

We've come a long way since the American Pie Movies!

Young people want LESS sex and more PLATONIC relationships in their movies and TV. According to a UCLA study, members of Gen Z have “grown tired of stereotypical, heteronormative storytelling that valorizes romantic and/or sexual relationships, especially ones that are toxic.”

The new UCLA “Teens and Screens” study, conducted by the Center for Scholars & Storytellers, found that across 1,500 members of Gen Z ages 10 to 24, young people wanted more relatable stories that emphasized platonic relationships instead of sexual content. To note, only respondents aged 13 to 24 were asked about intimate content.

Adolescents opted to see “lives like their own” onscreen, which included less romance. Forty-eight percent of adolescents feel that “sex and sexual content is not needed for the plot of most TV shows and movies,” with 51.5 percent wanting to see more content focused on friendships and platonic relationships.

The study pointed to the scientific fact that modern young people are having less sex than their parents did at their age and many prefer to stay single.