New Study Finds That Hot Female Students Got Lower Grades During Remote Learning

Beauty before brains apparently!

New research suggests that attractive female college students accustomed to earning high grades in person aren’t making the same marks during remote learning.

A Swedish study wanted to see the impact of a student’s looks on their performance both in the classroom and online.

And the study determined that a female’s physical appearance played a part.

The main takeaway is that there is a beauty premium for males and females when teaching is on-site, reports the study.

But when you remove the up close and personal setting, the attractive females may no longer thrive.

The study found that The better their looks, the higher their grades for some in-person courses such as business and economics.  These classes are just the sit, listen and pay attention classes. (Basically, sit and look pretty)

This did not apply to math and physics because the classes are based more on projects, speaking and tests.

But when the courses were taught online, the grades of attractive females dropped.

The takeaway here!  The more things change, the more they stay the same.