New Study Finds That Women Are Least Stressed Out On The Weekend!


According to a research team from Binghamton University, women seem to benefit most from the break that is the weekend.

During the gruelling week of work, school, or managing the household, most people look forward to stress-free weekends.

According to a mental health and wellness study, women have twice the risk of mental distress such as anxiety and depression when compared to men.

Women tend to juggle several responsibilities and multitask because their brain is wired to do so, adding to their mental distress.

Therefore, knowing that taking frequent breaks may improve their mental well-being may ward off the need to resort to medications.

Multiple factors could lead to mental distress. A person’s food choices, the day of the week, and physical fitness affect the activity of the stress hormone cortisol.

Researchers found that Wednesday was the most stressful day of the week, however, these emotions tend to go away when they had extra time to themselves-just like on the weekends.

The results suggest taking a short break may do wonders for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Another factor that came into play was a person’s fitness level. People who exercised were more likely to relax faster than those who did not.