New Study Reveals Moms Are No Longer Shying Away From Gift Requests This Mother’s Day

We don't want another "I Love Mom" mug!

A new study has found that 46% of men have not given their partner a gift on Mother’s Day or actively helped the kids celebrate Mom either.

This study reveals that moms are becoming more vocal about what they want for their special day. 

According to the survey, seven in 10 moms drop hints in conversation to let their partner know what Mother’s Day gifts they want, and more than two-thirds go as far as creating wish lists to clue their partner in.

The survey conducted with 1000 women and 1000 men who celebrate Mother’s Day found that men gift the mother of their children something other than what they want.

Men plan to gift jewelry, edible gifts, clothing and accessories. While moms rank a handmade gift, baked cookies from their kids or partner, and a spa day, as their top presents.

According to the study, nearly half of the moms said they’d love for their partner to take on all household chores/admin tasks for the day while planning the Mother’s Day celebration around their loved ones. Spouses – up for the challenge this year?

What the study didn’t reveal is that most moms spend the Saturday before Mother’s Day running around doing laundry and chores so that they can enjoy their special Sunday…(For what it’s worth, moms are usually exhausted by Sunday, LOL)