New TikTok ‘Tortilla Challenge’ Has People Slapping Each Other With The Flatbread!

Wow, what a waste of food and time!

And not just on Taco Tuesday, but a new TikTok trend could be the real reason tortillas are flying off grocery store shelves.

Social media users are shown standing in a circle while holding water in their bulging cheeks and slapping each other with the circular flatbread, deeming whoever spits out the liquid first as the loser.

Whoever keeps their composure the longest then wins the “Tortilla Challenge.”  It’s all over social media and it’s become so popular that Demi Lovato and Jimmy Fallon even got in on the action in a video posted to the “Tonight Show” TikTok account.

TikTok has added a warning on some of the “Tortilla Challenge” videos that reads: “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.” But the latest challenge seems rather tame compared to other trends that came before it.

Perhaps the most dangerous trend to hit TikTok is the “Milk Crate Challenge,” where wannabe gymnasts attempt to climb a pyramid of stacked milk crates.