New TikTok Trend Has People Digging Giant Holes On The Beach!

"dug me a hole"

This is threatening turtles

There’s a new social media trend that’s creating a big problem on Southwest Florida beaches. People are digging giant holes on the beach and leaving before they fill them in.

While there’s nothing wrong with actually digging the hole, leaving it wide open is dangerous to humans and wildlife.

People are going through a lot of trouble just to film a TikTok. Holes, some as deep as five feet and as wide as four feet, have been found all over Sanibel. Many thanks to a new social media challenge. But the real challenge is what could happen to our turtles if left unfilled, or to whoever has to fill them in.

The Mayor had to put out a warning on Twitter due to the latest TikTok ‘how deep can you dig’ challenge.