No More Elvis Weddings In Las Vegas!

Elvis has left the building

Las Vegas chapels get cease-and-desist for Elvis-themed weddings

Talk about a heartbreak hotel!

Elvis has quite literally left the building as Las Vegas chapels are no longer allowed to officiate weddings involving The King’s persona.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the licensing company that controls Elvis’ name and image, Authentic Brands Group (ABG), sent cease and desist orders to Vegas chapels ordering them to cut the use of Elvis branding in their chapels. All are expected to be compliant by now.

According to the article, Elvis-themed ceremonies contribute a large amount to the city’s wedding industry, which produces $2 billion per year.

Viva Las Vegas/Vegas Weddings, the Elvis Chapel, Elvis Weddings and Las Vegas Elvis Chapel are just a few of the many businesses affected by the new orders. Aside from coming after an already-difficult couple of years for the wedding industry with COVID, many are upset that Vegas is losing one of its most popular attractions. Not to mention how many people will be out of work?

“Elvis weddings are synonymous with Las Vegas,” said the president of Vegas Weddings and Viva Las Vegas Weddings, Melody Willis-Williams. “We keep Elvis alive.”

This new order has people “All Shook Up.”