North Carolina Wants To BAN ‘Participation Trophies…’

You're all winners!

A bill is making its way through the North Carolina state legislature that would ban participation trophies in state-sponsored youth sports throughout the state.

State Sen. Timothy Moffitt, a Republican representing parts of Hendersonville, introduced SB 430 Thursday, titled the “Eliminate Participation Trophies Act.”

The proposed law seeks to end the practice of providing trophies in youth recreation activities that are publicly funded solely for a child’s participation.

The new bill proposes, “Awards provided in connection with the activity, if any, shall be based on identified performance achievements.”

Giving awards in youth sports for more than just winning has become a trend over the last several years, leading some to call the millennial generation the “participation trophy generation.”

In an article recently about generational stereotypes, The participation trophy: On its own, it’s a harmless trinket for six-year-olds. But it’s become a caricature for the Millennial stereotype, symbolizing a generation some say is coddled for merely showing up for an accolade…