Ohio Man Gives Up Food For Lent, Swaps It For Beer!

It’s an entirely new meaning to a liquid diet!

Imagine giving up food for 40 plus days?  Well, Del Hall of Cincinnati did just that in the name of Lent.  His diet until April 4th will consist of beer, water, black coffee, and herbal tea!



Del says it’s been helping him lose weight, as he has already dropped 5.8 pounds since the beginning of Lent.

Del says he only has three beers each day.  Del completed this diet for the last two years! He said he lost 40-50 pounds both years and noticed his blood pressure and cholesterol improved.



Hall is raising money through a crowdfunding initiative dubbed “Sgt. Del’s Virtual Tip Jar.”  The money will go toward local bars and restaurants that have suffered losses due to the pandemic.