On Average, People Experience Two Moments of Unexpected Delight A Week!

Like a compliment from a Stranger!

A study found that a compliment from a stranger or finding money in your pocket, are examples of the unexpected delight people can experience each week.

Other little surprises that bring joy include receiving a surprise refund, hearing your favourite song on the radio, and driving through a string of green lights on the road. 

A survey of 2,000 adults found that more than three-quarters feel instantly cheered up when these moments occur – with 36% preferring such little delights to be a surprise, rather than something expected. 

And 77% of those polled also enjoy a mood boost from making other people happy – with 36% trying to do so regularly.

The study also found that some of the top ways in which people try to make others feel happy include smiling as they walk past another person (52%), just being there to listen to a friend (50%), and telling someone they’re proud of them (38%). 

Nearly four in ten have cheered up others by making the effort to cook someone a meal, or simply letting another driver into their lane while on the road – and a generous 19% find joy in paying for someone else’s meal while out for dinner.

It also emerged that 14% would rather have a warning if something lovely is on its way. And 53% are more inclined to pay such moments forward to others if they’ve been on the receiving end themselves. 

The data also revealed it’s all about Self-Care Saturdays, as that’s the day when 14% are more likely to do something to treat themselves – more so than any other day of the week.


  1. Finding money in a coat or jeans pocket
  2. Getting a surprise refund
  3. A compliment from a stranger
  4. Someone letting you jump the queue in the supermarket
  5. When the radio plays your favourite song
  6. Receiving a bonus at work
  7. Constant green lights on the road
  8. Hearing your baby’s first word
  9. Your partner randomly showing affection
  10. When someone understands what you’re talking about
  11. A familiar smell from your childhood
  12. A loved one randomly telling you they’re proud of you
  13. Finding a treasured lost item
  14. Waking up before your alarm and getting to sleep for longer
  15. Getting upgraded, i.e. on an aeroplane or at a hotel
  16. Thinking it’s Thursday, but it’s Friday
  17. When a child starts a conversation with you
  18. Receiving a postcard
  19. Hitting the exact number when filling up with petrol
  20. When you get home from work to find someone else has cooked dinner
  21. A work meeting getting cancelled at the last minute because the boss isn’t in
  22. Seeing a funny car licence plate
  23. Getting asked for ID
  24. When you’ve brought breakfast in bed
  25. When you and your friend say the same thing, and then it happens again
  26. When your teenager wants to spend quality time with you
  27. Your neighbour giving you a baked good
  28. Bumping into an old school teacher – and they recognize you
  29. Catching the eye of your favourite artist during their performance
  30. Witnessing a proposal in public