One In Four Of Us Suffer From Car Envy!

Everyone wants a Tesla!

Poll finds that almost half of us lust after a neighbour’s ride…

A new survey found a surprising number of us – over one in five – would be tempted to buy a new car if our neighbours did.

And if we could have the car of anyone we know – from bosses and colleagues to friends and family – the most popular choice would be the one next door.

One in ten of the 2,000 people questioned admitted feeling such jealousy ‘all the time’ while almost four in ten suffer it ‘sometimes’.

For those of us who aren’t suffering from car envy…

A quarter of us give our cars a nickname, while a fifth of us talk to them as if they’re a human while we’re driving.

Meanwhile, others admit to finding excuses to talk about them with friends and post pictures of their pride and joy on social media.

And some 12 percent of men say they splash out more cash on their car than on themselves. Two-thirds of people admit that getting a new car is better than a birthday or Christmas!


Of course, we all know what the opposite of love is and it seems our cars can even inspire us to dislike them …sometimes for the weirdest of reasons.

Over a quarter of us say we sometimes hate our car although – thankfully – only around six of us do so all the time.

That might explain why one in five of us admit to having lashed out at our vehicle once or twice – kicking the tyres and hitting the steering wheel in frustration.

For nearly one in ten men, though, getting annoyed with their wheels is a regular thing. But why?

It seems the most common reason to dislike our car is if we feel it’s too old-fashioned. But some other reasons regularly make men go off their cars that you might not expect.

It seems 17.3 percent think their car hates them, 11 percent get a ‘bad vibe’ off their motor while 5.9 percent believe it’s cursed.  

Or maybe that’s just an excuse to splash out on a new one next time the neighbours do….