One Is Five People Have Seen A Ghost!


A new poll for Halloween asked 1,000 people about the paranormal and found almost one in five of us think we’ve seen a ghost before.  19% of people say they’ve seen a ghost.  Here are a few more quick stats on things we’ve experienced but can’t explain.

1.  Most who’ve seen a ghost say it’s happened multiple times.  Just 9% say it only happened once.  Almost a third say it’s happened more than five times.

2.  There’s a 50/50 chance you’ll know the ghost you encounter.  Of people who’ve seen a ghost, 29% said they knew the person, 29% said it was a stranger, 28% said they’ve seen both, and 14% weren’t sure or didn’t see the ghost’s face.

3.  Most ghosts are nice.  40% of people said the ghosts they’ve encountered have been “good,” compared to just 7% who said “evil.”  A lot of people said they’ve met good and evil spirits though.

4.  Thinking your house is haunted is common.  One in four people thinks they’ve lived somewhere haunted before.

5.  Even if you’ve never seen a ghost, you may have sensed one.  37% of us say we’ve felt a “presence” before, 29% have heard the voice of someone who wasn’t there, and 28% have felt an unexplained change in temperature.  30% have smelled an unexplained odour, and 33% have heard music, or a sound they couldn’t explain.

25% have seen lights or other electronics turn off on their own, 22% think they’ve seen an object move on its own, and 20% have seen a door open or close by itself.  (That’s irrefutable evidence of a ghost right there, couldn’t possibly be the wind.)