One Night Stands Could Be A Thing Of The Past

More singles are turning to virtual hookups!

According to a new survey by Plenty Of Fish, over half of singles asked think one-night stands are a thing of the past.


More men than women think the days of hooking up with a stranger for a night are over.

Plenty Of Fish thinks that the reason for the potential death of the one-night stand is because due to the pandemic, people became used to getting intimate virtually, rather than in real life.


Now it appears that more singles are likely to have a sexy video chat, phone call, or texting session instead of a random hook up from someone they just met at a bar.


Some believe that this new online lifestyle is here to stay and that people feel they no longer need the old-school one-night stand, with more and more singles viewing digital connections as more important.


This could make sense, because what does a one-night stand really fulfill?  Some say that the pandemic has introduced people to a better or easier way to find quick desire.


Plenty Of Fish determined that this new digital lifestyle has made people more choosy about who they spend their time with.