Only 8% Of People Hate Pumpkin Spice!

Are you a lover or hater?

National Pumpkin Spice Day was on October 1st! And many celebrated by ordering pumpkin-spice-something, just like you’ve been doing every day for the past month now.

Researchers from Montclair State University combed through nearly 20,000 Twitter and Instagram posts to find out if we love pumpkin spice as much as it seems like we do.  

They found that 55% of posts mentioning “pumpkin spice” or the hashtag #pumpkinspice were positive, 37% were considered neutral, and only 8% were negative.

They also found that pumpkin spice fervour surged from 2011 to 2017, when it peaked.  For the next four years, the hype was a little subdued, but it’s a big deal again THIS year, so pumpkin spice is as popular as ever.