Only A Fifth of People Have Experienced “True Comfort” in the Past 24 Hours According to New Research

Hot flashes, We're never cozy!

The survey of 2,000 general population revealed that true comfort — feeling completely relaxed or at ease — can be hard to come by, as just 21% have experienced this within the past day.

The survey also found that the average people polled only feel comfortable for a third of the day, about eight hours.  

The survey revealed that more than anything else, taking a nap was the top way respondents found true comfort.

This was followed by taking a walk outside, with having a spa day rounding out the top three ways respondents prefer to find comfort in their day.

And as the temperatures drop, respondents said they also find true comfort by taking a hot bath and creating the perfect temperature at home — which was determined to be 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Catching some shut-eye is clearly a crowd favourite, but actually nodding off can be tricky for some — which is why 86% use a sleep or relaxation trick to help them catch some z’s.

While 46% of people surveyed who use a trick still count sheep to help them sleep, survey respondents detailed their must-haves to drift off to dreamland, with bedding revealed to be high in popularity.

Half of respondents said using fresh sheets or pillowcases helps them fall asleep, and 43% said using their favourite pillow. 

Millennials were more likely to attribute a good night’s sleep to fresh sheets (51% vs. 45%), while baby boomers were more likely to depend on their favourite pillow (55% vs. 43%).