Ontario And Vancouver Has The Highest Gas Prices In The Country!

I have my car towed to work because it's cheaper than buying gas.

Last year at this time, gas prices were 26 cents lower.  When filling up this long weekend expect prices on average to be about $1.34 per litre!

GasBuddy.com has been keeping an eye on prices and can provide some explanation as to why prices are so high here!  Not that it will change anything!  There’s nothing you can do about, so why not laugh about it!


Funny Gas jokes!


My wife wanted to go somewhere expensive for our anniversary, so I took her down the street to the Sunoco station.

All in favour of conserving gasoline, please raise your right foot.

I saw a guy on the street corner, holding up a hat and a sign that said, “Wife and 2 Cars to Feed.”

For our vacation this summer, we’re thinking it will be cheaper to just mail the car.